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Summer 2021

Guaranteed natural social distance

 OFFERS  min 3 nigths in SUMMER 2021 

€ 35 to person for night in a comfortable,

elegant atmosphere FOR min 3 NIGHTS € 210,00 (August € 255,00)




Cancelled reservations or early departures will be refunded, only for the part not used, in the presence of COVID 19 direct health problems duly documented with medical certification.



          Children GRATIS till 2 years ( 1 for family)

Customers (adults and children) agree to wear surgical masks from Tavern/Entrance, from the Tavern inside to their own room and in the reverse path of exit. Both masks and other sanitary products will be provided free of charge by the B&B, should customers need them. 

It is measured at all the body temperature at the first entry.

It is forbidden to stay inside the B&B (outside the room), especially when other guests arrive. 

- Check-in and Check Out 

Check-in agreed by appointment in afternoon time slots (from 1.30pm to 7pm) in order to avoid crossing with other customers. Different check-in requests will not be accepted for organizational needs, as well as exits that must take place strictly by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure (to prepare new arrivals and for the general and daily sanitation of the Structure). 

- The Rooms     No daily cleaning

Registration and Payment made in advance with sending your own data, so as to avoid stopping on site on arrival (the File to be used to transmit in advance the data of the Guests is present at the top of this page near the booking email, must be filled in and sent to the B&B). 

- tap water in the bathrooms which is very good as well as being drinkable and coming from natural springs in the unicipality of Alfedena (Rio Torto).  

- It is not allowed to bring and/or consume any kind of food in the room mainly for hygiene reasons and to avoid contamination with the sanitizers present in the Facility, except for short external technical requirements.  

- For any needs you can call Vittorio at 3356958075, we are always present in the Facility, except for short external technical requirements. Please make any requests by 8 p.m. 

- Daily refurbishment hours taxing rooms from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (rooms free by 10 a.m.) to also carry out sanitization/or zoning of the entire structure, in yours and in the general interest of all customers. Customers work together to leave the room well-ordered so that the staff in charge of the room can be properly cleaned/sanitized. 

- Internal common areas only passing through (subject to daily sanitation) 

All the inner areas of the B&B are only passing through, with an absolute ban on parking for adults and children 

The customer must wear slippers or similar to wear at the entrance to The Tavern, leaving the shoes in special Bag 

- The Garden (fifteen-year sanitation of the entire area and perimeter) 

- A Garden of 1,800 square meters is available to all customers, with chairs, loungers, benches, games and various relaxation areas in the sun or shade. Rules for all guests: always wear,  inside the B&B, the surgical mask, keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from the other guests and do not make Groups greater than 4 people (children included) even of the same family unit.  

            Outside the B&B everyone does what he wants and adjusts according to conscience. 

We especially recommend excursions in the many itineraries on foot/bike/horseback and picnic  

                              IN THE BEAUTIFUL NATURE OF THE ABRUZZO PARK, L. & M.



                                                (sight  WC , Kitchen and Bedroom)
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